List B: approved technical electives

Also see: List A: approved technical electives

For 2017 / 2018

Level III courses

Course Term Course title
ChE 3BK3 1 Bioreaction Engineering

 ChE 3BM3

2 Bioseparations Engineering

Level IV courses

Course            Term Course title

ChE 4C03



Statistics for Engineers 

ChE 4Y04


Senior Independent Project

ChE 4Z03  2 Interfacial Engineering
 Engineer 4EX3A/B    Experiential Engineering Design

ChE 4W04 Chemical Plant Design and Simulation

Prerequisite: Registration in ChE 4N04, Registration in the final level of any Chemical Engineering program.

Information Sessions will be scheduled in September. There will be 3 projects available:

4W04-I Process Systems Project 4W04-II Polymer Design Project 4W04-III Environmental Design Project: Civil Engineering 4V04 recommended

ChE 4Y04 Undergraduate Research Project Note: requires a CA of 9.5 or permission of the Chair. If you are interested in a project, please check the faculty web pages and speak with them if you are interested in doing a project in their field of research.