Application process for undergraduate study

Students enter Chemical Engineering after successful completion of Engineering I, their first year.

Complete freedom of choice to choose a sub-discipline in Engineering (e.g. Chemical vs Civil vs Mechanical, etc) is given to students with a cumulative average of B or better.Students with a cumulative average of C- to B- may be allocated to their second or lower choices, depending on the overall demand for a programme. The total time from admission to Engineering to graduation with a B.Eng. in Chemical Engineering is four years. However, it is five years for:

  • the combined B.Eng. and Management Degree,
  • the combined B. Eng. and Bioengineering Degree, or
  • the combinedB. Eng. and Society Degree.

Please note that "free choice" does not apply, at this time, for the Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering program due to a constraint on the number of students that can be accommodated (the program is limited by lab space).

Full details on admission requirements, including applying from all Canadian provinces, the United States and other countries, are posted on McMaster's online undergraduate calendar, available here.