Undergraduate course list

Below are the courses for the undergraduate Chemical Engineering programme. Click on the course name to view the course outline and other information related to the course. For official details on prerequisites, terms offered and other details, visit the Chemical Engineering courses section of the McMaster Undergraduate Calendar.

Important note, the new course, ChemEng 4A03 (Energy Systems Engineering), will only be offered in 2018/19. This means that only students graduating in that academic year and onwards will be able to complete the new WET stream requirements.

Term offered: 1
Course code Titlesort descending Instructor(s) Term offered
ChE 4L02 Advanced Laboratory Skills To be announced 1
ChE 3BK3 Bio-reaction Engineering Kim Jones 1
ChE 2D04 Chemical Engineering Principles I Philip Wood 1
ChE 3D03 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Li Xi 1
ChE 4E03 / ChE 6E03 Digital Computer Process Control Kamil Khan 1
ChE 4A03 Energy Systems Engineering Thomas Adams 1
ChE 4N04 Engineering Economics and Problem Solving Jake Nease 1
ChE 3A04 Heat Transfer Zeinab Doust 1
ChE 3M04 Mass Transfer and Stagewise Operations Charles de Lannoy 1
ChE 4X03 / ChE 6X03 Polymer Processing Michael Thompson 1
ChE 4B03 / ChE 6B03 Polymer Reaction Engineering Shiping Zhu 1
ChE 2G03 Problem Solving and Technical Communication Kim Jones 1
ChE 3E04 Process Model Formulation and Solution Jake Nease 1
ChE 4K03 / ChE 6K03 Reactor Design for Heterogenous Systems Prashant Mhaskar 1
ChE 4M03 Separation Processes David Latulippe 1
Term offered: 2
Course code Titlesort descending Instructor(s) Term offered
ChE 4T03 / ChE 6T03 Applications of Chemical Engineering in Medicine Todd Hoare 2
ChE 4LL3 Biolaboratories Daniel Shun Chung Yang 2
ChE 3BM3 Bioseparations Engineering Raja Ghosh 2
ChE 2F04 Chemical Engineering Principles II Carlos Filipe 2
ChE 4W04 Chemical Plant Design and Simulation Various 2
ChE 2O04 Fluid Mechanics David Latulippe 2
ChE 4Z03 / ChE 6Z03 Interfacial Engineering Robert Pelton 2
ChE 3L02 Intermediate Laboratory Skills Li Xi 2
ChE 3Q03 Introduction to Polymer Science To be announced 2
ChE 3K04 Introduction to Reactor Design Prashant Mhaskar 2
ChE 2I03 Measurements Vincent Leung 2
ChE 4G03 Optimization in Chemical Engineering Jake Nease 2
ChE 3P04 Process Control Christopher Swartz 2
ChE 3G04 Simulation, Modelling and Problem Solving To be announced 2
ChE 4C03 / ChE 6C03 Statistics for Engineers 2
Term offered: 3
Course code Titlesort descending Instructor(s) Term offered
ChE 4Y04 Senior Independent Project Various 3