Course sequencing for Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering

Always refer to the undergraduate calendar as the most authoritative reference, this table is only for convenience.


Level II: 39 units

Term 1

Term 2

ChE 2D04
Chemical Engineering Principles I
ChE 2F04
Chemical Engineering Principles II
ChE 2G03
Problem Solving and Technical Communication
ChE 2O04
Fluid Mechanics
Biology 1A03
Cellular and Molecular Biology
ChE 2I03
  Chem 1AA3
Introductory Chemistry II
Math 2Z03
Engineering Mathematics II
Math 2ZZ3
Engineering Mathematics III
Hth Sci 2L03
Human Physiology and Anatomy I
Hth Sci 2LL3
Human Physiology and Anatomy II
Complementary Studies Electives (3 units)


Level III: 37-40 units

Term 1

Term 2

ChE 3D03
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
ChE 3G04
Simulation, Modelling and Problem Solving
ChE 3M04
Mass Transfer and Stagewise Operation
ChE 3K04
Introduction to Reactor Design
ChE 3A04
Heat Transfer
ChE 3L02
Intermediate Laboratory Skills
ChE 3E04
Process Model Formulation and Solution
ChE 4T03
Applications of Chemical Engineering in Medicine

Biology 2EE3 

Introduction to Microbiology and Biotechnology

3-6 units from: Chem 2E03 – Introductory Organic Chemistry (term 1)
or both
Chem 2OA3 – Organic Chemistry I (term 1)
Chem 2OB3 – Organic Chemistry II (term 2)
3 units from:
Biochem 2EE3 Metabolism and Physiological Chemistry (term 2) or
Biology 2B03 Cell Biology (term 1) or
Hthsci 2K03 Cell Biology (term 2)


Level IV: 36 units

Term 1

Term 2

  ChE 3P04
Process Control
ChE 4L02
Advanced Laboratory Skills
ChE 4LL3
(cross-listed as Biochem 4LL3)
Bio Engineering Laboratories
Biochem 3G03
Proteins and Nucleic Acids
ChE 3BK3
Bio-reaction Engineering
ChE 3BM3
Bioseparations Engineering
Stats 3Y03
Statistical Analysis for Engineering
Eng 4A03
Sustainability and Ethics in Engineering

6 units from
Chem 3I03 - Industrial Chemistry (term 2)
ChE 3Q03 - Introduction of Polymer Science (term 2)

ChemBio 2A03 Introduction to Bio-Analytical Chemistry (term 1)

ChemBio 3BM3 Implanted Biomaterials (term   )

Complementary Studies (3 units)
3 units approved for technical electives from biosciences or bioengineering


Level V: 39-41 units

Term 1

Term 2

ChE 4N04
Engineering Economics and Problems Solving
ChE 4W04
Chemical Plant Design and Simulation
  Civ Eng 4V04 - Biological Aspects of Wastewater Treatment
15-16 units from:
  • ChE 4B03 - Polymer Reaction Engineering
  • ChE 4C03 - Statistics for Engineers
  • ChE 4E03 - Digital Computer and Process Control
  • ChE 4G03 - Optimization in Chemical Engineering 
  • ChE 4K03 - Reactor Design for Heterogenous Systems 
  • ChE 4M03 - Separations 
  • ChE 4X03 - Polymer Processing 
  • ChE 4Z03 - Interfacial Engineering
    • ChE 4Y04 - Senior Independent Project (term 1 & 2 List B)
    • Engineer 4EX3A/B - Experiential Engineering Design (term 1 & 2 List B)
3 units from approved technical electives from biosciences or bioengineering
3-4 units Technical Electives from Level III and IV approved list A

Complementary Studies (3 units)

ChE 4W04 Chemical Plant Design and Simulation

Prerequisite: Registration in ChE 4N04, Registration in the final level of any Chemical Engineering program.

Information Sessions will be scheduled in September. There will be 3 projects available:

4W04-I Process Systems Project 4W04-II Polymer Design Project 4W04-III Environmental Design Project: Civil Engineering 4V04 recommended