Play with chains: New generation of advanced polymer materials

Dr. Shiping Zhu, Chemical Engineering

02 October 2008 at 10:30

Location: JHE 326H

We are living in the “Materials World”. We consume more polymeric materials than all other types of synthetic materials combined. Polymers are chain molecules and their materials properties are determined to a large extent by chain microstructure and orientation. Synthesis of novel polymeric materials with tailor-made properties provides a great challenge to polymer scientists and engineers. Presented are several research examples that include high-strength polyethylene fibers made by nano-extrusion polymerization; long chain branched polyethylene that offers good combination of melt strength and processability; hyperbranched polyethylene having high-molecular weight but low viscosity for printing; nano-patterning through self-assembly of polymer grafts, and semi-batch reactor technology for controlled gradient copolymers. Presented is a chemical engineer’s point of view on advanced polymer materials.

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