Low-cost semi-quantitative diagnostic devices – Design and application

Wei Shen, Australian Pulp and Paper Institute, Department of Chemical Engineering, Monash University, Australia

26 April 2010 at 15:00

Location: JHE 342

This seminar reports the recent research activities in the Australian Pulp and Paper Institute on low-cost, semi-quantitative diagnostic devices. The research emphasizes the use of low-cost materials and processes to fabricate microfluidic and other devices for sensing applications. Paper, thread, polymer film and powder have been used to make devices for diagnostics and chemical sensing. Printing and sewing are the main processes employed for device fabrication.
Our research focuses on the following operation issues of low-cost device: First, conducting semi-quantitative assays without the need of controlling sample volume; second, reducing the size of the device by building 3D structure; increase sample transport efficiency and minimizing chromatographic loss of samples during transport. Some of our devices have shown structural advantages to fulfill these requirements.

Future research will be addressing problems in device shelf life and field applications

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