Hatch, its history and future in technology

Dr. Santiago Faucher, P.Eng., Global Director, Technology Development Hatch Ltd.

28 March 2013 at 10:30

Location: JHE 326H

Hatch is an entrepreneurial engineering firm driven by highly talented and passionate engineers. Our Canadian company has a presence on six continents with a personnel count of 11,000 globally. Our focus is to deliver engineered solutions to our clients that solve the economic, environmental, and social challenges that they face in the areas of infrastructure, energy, and metals production. To do so, we apply an approach that is atypical of most engineering firms; a research and development approach to engineering that leads us to the implementation of innovative solutions. It is simple to understand why Hatch operates this way, Dr. Gerry Hatch, our founder, began his career in industrial and applied research and later founded Hatch to complete the last link between R&D and applied technology. Gerry wanted to "bridge this gap" to foster the development of our technological society. Ultimately this R&D approach to engineering has served us and society well and permitted us to solve and implement many first of a kind solutions. These solutions have lead to technologies and a technology practice a Hatch; furnaces, autoclaves, and fluidized beds are but a few of the reactors developed for and supplied to our process industry clients. In renewable energy our technologies optimize hydro resources to produce a few extra percent of electricity, while other technology is used to monitor and maintain the assets that permit that electricity generation. In infrastructure, technologies are used to control corrosion and asses the condition of concrete structures through non-destructive testing. Today our technology focus has turned to the exploration of technologies related to nuclear power, slag heat recovery, gasification, gas to liquid conversions, pulsed power, and plasma processes. Our history, business, as well as our past, present, and potential future technologies will be discussed in this talk.

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