Electrocatalyst material development and integration for sustainable energy technologies

Dr. Drew Higgins, Associate Staff Scientist, Department of Chemical Engineering, Stanford University

11 July 2017 at 10:30

Location: ETB 535

A sustainable energy economy will undoubtedly consist of a wide variety of technologies and processes operating in tandem to meet current energy and consumer demands, while reducing society’s dependency on fossil fuels. For clean operating electrochemical devices to be technologically viable, they must be cost competitive, efficient, robust and have a high selectivity for the desired product or process. At the heart of such devices lies the electrocatalysts, which ultimately govern device operation and performance. This presentation will focus on the design, synthesis, characterization and device integration of electrocatalyst materials. A focus will be placed on oxygen reduction catalysis for fuel cells, and electrochemical carbon dioxide reduction for the electrosynthesis of fuels and industrially important chemicals. The talk will also discuss current scientific and engineering challenges in electrocatalysis, and related areas where Chemical Engineering researchers can play an important role to address the world’s energy challenges.

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