Of Research and Failure and From reactors to robots; my journey through grad school

Dr. Charles de Lannoy, Department of Chemical Engineering, McMaster University
Dr. Zeinab H. Doust, Department of Chemical Engineering, McMaster University

04 October 2016 at 11:30

Location: BSB B136



Dr. Charles-François de Lannoy


Of Research and Failure


Prof. Charles-François de Lannoy’s research focuses on developing polymer nanocomposites and thin films as technologies for aquatic separations, gaseous separations, and environmental contaminant capture and degradation. Throughout this research there is a focus on the implications of using nanomaterials for environmental applications, and on methods to ensure the development of environmentally responsible rationally designed materials.

A brief overview of his research efforts will include 1. Carbon nanotube – polymer nanocomposite for enhanced structural stability of water filtration membranes, 2. Electrically conductive thin film membranes to combat desalination membrane surface fouling, 3. Metallic thin film development used for Nitrogen dissociation and separation for applications in CO2 purification, and 4. New methods for capturing CO2 from the atmosphere, termed Indirect Ocean Capture (IOC).

A brief overview of his many failures will include 1. Ubiquitous failure: failure in applications, submissions, proposals, and ideas. 2. A case study in failure: Indirect Ocean Capture (IOC), 3. The X-approach: accelerated failure as a motivation for innovation.



Dr. Zeinab H. Doust


From reactors to robots; my journey through grad school


I will talk about my grad school experience in the context of how my thesis topic evolved to its final forms and how that ultimately shaped my current research program. I will touch upon the challenges and promises of interdisciplinary research, both in grad school and in the job market and will share my experience navigating the job market.


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