Development of High-Performance Biomass-based Materials via Multi-Composition and Processing

Dr. Yoshikuni Teramoto, Associate Professor, Laboratory of Biomass Conversion, Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences, Gifu University (Japan)

25 April 2016 at 12:30

Location: IAHS B102

Over the past decade, we have carried out a systematic study into the material performance via synthesizing structurally-defined derivatives of cellulose and other structural polysaccharides, such as esters and graft copolymers, by adopting homogeneous reaction systems and effective purification procedures and establishing how to evaluate molecular structures. Various approaches to this issue have elucidated thermal transition behavior involving softening and flowing, segmental motions, mechanical properties, higher-order structure development such as glassy structural relaxation and crystallization, and enzymatic hydrolysis behavior.  In this presentation, I survey recent advances in the biomass-based material functionalization including improving their mechanical properties, controlling biodegradability, subtly regulating optical performance, introducing cytocompatibility, etc.  They have been accomplished through nano-architectonic methods such as the orientation control of segments and molecules and the intimate nanoscopic mixing of different components, each on a scale larger than a single molecule.  On the other hand, currently, polysaccharide nanostructures are generating much activity.  I will also share some of our highlight data for the development of functionalized materials based on the polysaccharide nanostructures via advanced processing and multi-composition.

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