R. B. Anderson Memorial Award

This prize was established in memory of Robert B. Anderson, Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering from 1965 to 1987, to perpetuate the spirit of human compassion and research excellence that he so clearly demonstrated during those years. The prize is awarded annually to a worthy graduate student on the recommendation of the Department.


Awarded to

2011 Not awarded
2010 Hongyan (Helen) Gu
2008 Marta Princz
2007 Laura Wells
2006 Bettina Klenkler
2005 Santiago Faucher
2004 Todd Hoare
2003 Adam Warren
2002 Not awarded
2001 Jesus Garcia-Aleman
2000 Edward Kolodka
1999    Carl Duchesne
1998 Tracy Clark-Pringle
1997 Eduardo Vivaldo-Lima
1996 Celine T. Bellehumeur
1995 Athanassios Kassidas
1994 Michael Ajersch
1993 Agustin Torres
1992 Marco Villalobos
1991 Peter Wojciechowski
1990 Kimberly McAuley
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