Frequently asked questions for prospective graduate students

Is there a deadline for graduate application?

We accept applications throughout the year, but it is very advantageous to have applications in well before the deadline dates:

September admission

        • Visa – 01 March
        • Domestic – 01 May

January admission

        • Visa students – 01 July
        • Domestic students – 23 October

I would like to apply to your program. Where can I obtain the necessary forms?

Please follow the detailed steps given on our website.

What are the minimum admission requirements?

Master's program: 4 year undergraduate degree in engineering or physical science with a minimum B+ (77 to 79%) average.Ph.D. program: successful completion of a research Master's degree with at least a B+ (77 to 79%) average.

Will I receive financial support?

We will provide financial support to any student who does not already have external support and is admitted to one of our full-time research-based graduate degree programs (MASc. and Ph.D) and is not over-time. In our Department,full-time, on-time students receive a combination of support which many include a combination of a research stipend, a teaching assistantship, a departmental scholarship, and/or a bursary. Our Departmental policy ensures that the sum total of this support is such that after tuition fees have been paid, full-time students will receive a minimum net amount of $17,000, as long as the student remains in good standing to graduate on time. Students with scholarships from external agencies have an opportunity to earn more, and eligible students are encouraged to apply for these awards. We regularly review our support levels to ensure that students can concentrate on their studies.

Do I need to find a supervisor or need the support of a professor before applying?

No. If you are interested in particular professors, you should identify any potential supervisors of interest in your Statement of Interest that you include with your formal application (it is ok to list more than one professor). We will ensure that those professors will receive your application for review. You do not need to find a supervisor before applying. If you do not have specific supervisors in mind, you have the ability to select research areas of interest and the application will be sent to professors in those areas for review (see next question). 

What are your department's fields of research?

1) Biomaterials and bioprocessing:
drug delivery, tissue engineering, biocompatible surfaces, bioseparations, membranes, bioreactors, pharmaceutical processing
2) Polymer science and engineering:
polymer synthesis and characterization, polymer reaction engineering, polymer and particulate processing, paper chemistry, nanotechnology, interfacial engineering
3) Process system engineering and control:
process systems design, process control, optimization, supply chain planning and scheduling, data mining, multivariate statistical methods
4) Materials and process modeling and computation:
molecular modeling, computational fluid dynamics, energy systems, alternative fuels/energy, wastewater treatment, life cycle analysis

What are the career prospects in Chemical Engineering?

Our graduates are employed in a wide spectrum of industries, including chemical, steel, food, pharmaceutical, medical and control vendor industries, as well as in academia.

How can I determine the status of my application?

Please check the on-line application using your access ID number to see what documents have been received. Applications will not be reviewed until all materials are received.

My application is complete, what do I do now?

Your completed application is sent for review by our admissions committee. You will be notified as soon as possible, but in peak periods, this review can take up to 6 weeks.

Can I re-apply if I'm unsuccessful?

If an unsuccessful applicant wishes to reapply, a new application package, including supporting documentation and application fee must be submitted. Applications from one year are not held over to another year. All documentation submitted in support of your application for admission becomes the property of the University and will not be returned.

How long is the MASc program?

Our MASc program has a nominal duration of 24 months and students are funded during this period.

How long is the Ph.D. program?

Our Ph.D. program has a nominal duration of 4 years and students are funded up to 4 years.

What is the TOEFL score requirement?

Scores of: 88 (Internet-based) 230 (Computer-based) 570 (paper based).

What are the university code and the department code (for the language tests)?

The University Code is: 0936 and the Department Code is: 64.

What is the MELAB requirement?

A score of 85.

What is the IELTS Minimum score?

A score of 7.0.