Graduate course list

Below are the graduate courses for Chemical Engineering. Click on the course name to view the course outline and other information related to the course. For official details on terms offered and other details, visit the School of Graduate Studies Calendar.

Term offered: —
Course code Titlesort descending Instructor(s) Term offered
ChE 773 Advanced Concepts of Polymer Extrusion Michael Thompson
ChE 740W Advanced PSE Tools and Methods Thomas Adams
ChE 704 Biological Transport Phenomena David Latulippe
ChE 782 Biopharmaceuticals Raja Ghosh
ChE 777 Dynamics of Polymers and Complex Fluids Li Xi
ChE 784 Gene Therapy for Bioengineers Gonzalo Hortelano
ChE 763 Linear Systems: Estimation and Control Prashant Mhaskar
ChE 791 Nanotechnology in Chemical Engineering Todd Hoare
ChE 702 (C01) Ophthalmic Materials and Drug Delivery Heather Sheardown
ChE 752 Optimization of Chemical Processes Christopher Swartz
ChE 772 Polymer Rheology To be announced
ChE 764 Process Control Design To be announced
ChE 754 Process Design and Integration for Minimal Environmental Impact Mikhail Sorin
ChE 790 Selected Topics in Colloid and Surface Science Robert Pelton
ChE 770 Selected Topics in Polymer Science and Engineering Shiping Zhu
ChE 776 Soft Matter Thin films & Surface Characterization Techniques Emily Cranston
ChE 762 Time Series Analysis and Process Identification To be announced
Term offered: 1
Course code Titlesort descending Instructor(s) Term offered
ChE 706 Advanced Heat Transfer Ross L. Judd 1
ChE 774 Advances in Polymeric Materials Michael Thompson 1
ChE 712 Bio-Inspired Engineering Tohid Didar 1
ChE 700 Chemical Engineering Seminar Series Various 1
ChE 4E03 / ChE 6E03 Digital Computer Process Control Kamil Khan 1
ChE 767 Foundations of Scientific Computation To be announced 1
ChE 761 Multivariable, Stochastic and Adaptive Control of Chemical Processes Prashant Mhaskar 1
ChE 765 Multivariate Statistical Methods To be announced 1
ChE 4X03 / ChE 6X03 Polymer Processing Michael Thompson 1
ChE 4B03 / ChE 6B03 Polymer Reaction Engineering Shiping Zhu 1
ChE 4K03 / ChE 6K03 Reactor Design for Heterogenous Systems Prashant Mhaskar 1
Term offered: 2
Course code Titlesort descending Instructor(s) Term offered
ChE 750 Advanced MEMS Fabrication and Microfluidics Ravi Selvaganapathy 2
ChE 707 Analytical Solutions in Transport Phenomena S. Shankar 2
ChE 4T03 / ChE 6T03 Applications of Chemical Engineering in Medicine Todd Hoare 2
ChE 704 (C02) Bacteriophage Biotechnology Zeinab Doust 2
ChE 781 Biomedical Engineering Judith West-Mays 2
ChE 700 Chemical Engineering Seminar Series Various 2
ChE 4Z03 / ChE 6Z03 Interfacial Engineering Robert Pelton 2
ChE 756 Mathematical Programming: Theory and Algorithms To be announced 2
ChE 742 Membrane Based Bioseparations Raja Ghosh 2
ChE 757 Optimization Under Uncertainty (Stochastic Optimization) To be announced, Kai Huang 2
ChE 753 Process Modeling and Optimization Vladimir Mahalec 2
ChE 4C03 / ChE 6C03 Statistics for Engineers 2
ChE 704 (C01) Transport and Electrokinetic Phenomena; Theory and Applications in Chemical and Environmental Engineering Charles de Lannoy 2