Dr. Raja Ghosh
Raja Ghosh
Canada Research Chair in Bioseparations Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering
1280 Main Street West,
Hamilton, ON, L8S 4L7, Canada
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Office: JHE A408
Voice: +1 (905) 525 9140 extension 27415
email: rghosh@mcmaster.ca

bioseparation using ultrafiltration, bioseparation using membrane chromatography, biomimetic membranes.
  • D.Phil.Chemical Engineering, University of Oxford (1999)

Research Interests

Membrane chromatography

Design and development of novel membrane chromatography devices, development of novel membranes and processes for biopharmaceutical applications.

Bioseparations process development
Development of efficient, scalable, high-resolution purification processes bio-pharmaceuticals such as monoclonal antibodies and PEGylated proteins.

Membrane bioreactors

Development of novel bioreactor system for diverse applications such as enzymatic catalysis, protein PEGylation and mammalian cell culture.

Biopharmaceutical product stabilization and assessment

Development of efficient method for detecting and analyzing antibody aggregates and stabilizing therapeutic proteins.


Selected Recent Papers

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R.Ghosh, Protein Bioseparation Using Ultrafiltration: Theory, Applications and New Developments, Imperial College Press/World Scientific Publishing Pte Ltd. ISBN 1-86094-317-9 (June 2003)

R. Ghosh, Principles of Bioseparations Engineering, World Scientific Publishing Pte Ltd. ISBN 981-256-892-1 (October 2006).


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