Nanotechnology in Chemical Engineering
ChE 791

Fundamentals of the design, preparation, and properties of nanomaterials are discussed from a chemical engineering perspective. Emphasis will be placed on how physical properties of materials change on the nanoscale, top‐down (chemical patterning/lithography techniques) versus bottom‐up (self‐assembly) approaches to nanostructure preparation, nanoparticle design, characterization of nanoscale structures, nanofluidics and nanomachines (including microelectromechanical systems), and nanobiomaterials (drug and gene delivery, biosensors and bioseparations).

This course will be offered in future years - not currently available.
Instructor(s): Todd Hoare
Term offered: -
Course level: 700-level
Course outline: Not available
Restrictions: N/A
Co/pre-requisite(s) that may apply: N/A (but confirm on the official registrar page)
Course website: Avenue website

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