Gene Therapy for Bioengineers
ChE 784

An analysis of the technology of gene therapy, specifically intended for students with bioengineering background. The principles of gene delivery, and specific targeting of genetic material to different organs through the use of viral and non-viral vectors will be covered. Particular emphasis will be given to the use of polymers to develop DNA formulations suitable for gene therapy. The application of various gene therapy strategies in selected individual diseases of big impact to the health care systems will be discussed. This course will be based on review articles and original papers. (Cross-listed as Biomedical Engineering 704)

This course will be offered in future years - not currently available.
Instructor(s): Gonzalo Hortelano
Term offered: -
Course level: 700-level
Course outline: Not available
Restrictions: N/A
Co/pre-requisite(s) that may apply: N/A (but confirm on the official registrar page)
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