Bio-Inspired Engineering
ChE 712

This course is cross listed with ME712 - Living systems have evolved to tackle technological problems since the beginning of life and they outperform manmade solutions in many fields by far. They have learned to sustain themselves as a result of a fascinating evolutionary optimization over millions of years. In an other word nature has already designed and engineered fascinating solutions following millions of years of trial and error and has provided us solutions that are regarded as ingenious, stable and low-risk. We have always been fascinated by nature and have constantly made efforts to mimic it to solve our technological problems, a field that is now called “biomimetics”. Rapid advancements in science and technology have now made us to act beyond than just mimicking nature but understanding and implementing natural systems and their governing principles; that is “bio-inspiration”.

Instructor(s): Tohid Didar
Term offered: 1
Course level: 700-level
Course outline: Bio-Inspired Eng. Didar.OutlineME7.pdf
Restrictions: N/A
Co/pre-requisite(s) that may apply: N/A (but confirm on the official registrar page)
Course website: Avenue website

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