Fluid Mechanics
ChE 2O04

The laws of statics and dynamics in both compressible and incompressible fluids. Equations of conservation and modern turbulence and boundary layer theory applied to submerged and conduit flow. Similitude, unsteady flow, measuring devices and fluid machinery.

Instructor(s): David Latulippe
Term offered: 2
Course level: Undergraduate
Course outline: Not available
Restrictions: N/A
Co/pre-requisite(s) that may apply: N/A (but confirm on the official registrar page)
This is a co/pre-requisite for: 3A4 | 3G4 | 3L2 | 3P4 | 4M3 | 4N4 | 4X3/6X3 | 4T3/6T3
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